Tax table integration

Billing System using Spring Boot. Code walkthrough and Tax Table CRUD Operation

Welcome back friends, In this story, we will going to learn about the implementation of Tax, offer, and Category CRUD Operation. CRUD nothing but Create, Read, Update, and Delete operation. We will be going to perform these operations against these tables. Tax offer and category tables are important tables in the billing System. Let explore the table and its CRUD operation.

Tax Table
The tax table contains the HSN Code for various types of Products. each code mapped with Tax percentage. Following is the Table relation between Product and Tax table

The tax_id is associated with each product. Each tax_id is mapped with one HSN Code. The HSN code is having its respective GST percentage. Through this relation, we can easily find out what is the GST of each Product in our System.

I have created the following class for manipulating Tax CRUD operation.
This is an interface class and currently, it doesn’t have any method. I can use its inbuild method for CRUD Operation.
For further reading click the below link:
Tax Table integration in Billing System



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