How to set up a Billing System in your Computer

Dear friends welcome back. This is a very important article. This article explains how to set up the Billing System on your Local Computer. In order to test the Billing System Application or if you want to study the Billing System Project, you must set up the Billing System on your computer. Please read this full article for a successful setup.

Prerequisite to setup Billing System
The following software you have to install in your computer in order to set up a Billing System in your System.

Java 8
It is available to download from this link:
After installing Java make sure your Java path and Classpath set properly in your environment variable.

Eclipse or IntelliJ
I am using the following version of IntelliJ. It is absolutely fine if you are using this prior version of Intellij (The Intellij version must support Java 8)

Use the following version of eclipse or the prior version of eclipse. don’t use the latest version of the eclipse because the latest version of eclipse expecting to install java 11. If you are using Java 11 you can use the latest version of eclipse. I have not tested a Billing System using Java 11.

I have installed MySQL 8.0.21 Community Server. If you are using a prior version of MySQL, it is fine but Don’t go prior to version 5

PostMan or any other Rest client
After a successful setup, you need to test the Rest Webservice call. In order to test the Rest Service, we need any Rest Client. I am using the PostMan Rest client to test all Billing System endpoints. I am recommending to install PostMan. If you are familiar with any other Rest Client, you can go with that.

The above software is mandatory software to run the Billing System on your computer. Optionally you have to install maven because Maven is coming along with Eclipse and IntelliJ. if you want to run the build command in the command line, you have to download the latest version of Maven from the following site.
You can download the Maven from the following site
This is the Prerequisite software you need to install on your computer.
For further reading, please click the below link

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