Spring Boot Introduction. Spring Framework vs Spring Boot

What is Spring?
Spring Framework is extensively used by Java Project in IT Industries. Today most of the Projects are running Spring Framework. The Spring Frame is an adaptive Framework which meaning you can use any type of library in the Spring Framework. For Example, the Presentation layer, Data Access Layer, and other libraries. For example, you can use JDBCTeamplate for Data manipulation, or you can go with JPA or some other Persistence Framework. Before you understand Spring Boot, you need to understand Spring Framework.
Are Spring Framework and Spring Boot both are different Technology?
The Anwer is “No

Spring Framework provides a feature called Inversion of Control(IoC) or Dependency Injection. It creates a Java class object and makes it available in the Spring Ioc Container. Whenever we request a Java Object, Spring gives the Java Instance from the IoC Container. Spring Framework is loosely coupled which meaning through dependency injection Spring achieves the loosely coupled code. When you say @Autowired, you are registering the particular Java class in the Spring Container. you can use registered Java Class anywhere in your Spring application without using a new Operator.
For continue reading. Please click this link https://pinepad.in/java/spring-boot/spring-boot-introduction-what-is-spring-boot/

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