What is Form backing bean object in Spring MVC?

The client-side HTML page fields are mapped with back end Java bean class. This is called as Form Backing Bean Object
For Example:
Take the Facebook login page as an Example
On the login page, you can see two fields called email and password. These two fields are mapped with one Java bean class or Map Object which is called as backing bean
For Example
public String login(ModelMap model) {
Map<String, String> attributes = new HashMap<>();
attributes.put(“login”, “
attributes.put(“password”, “123”);
return “login”;

In the above GetMapping method is having a request parameter called ModelMap. I am setting Map Object in the model map. It contains two attributes which are login and password. These login and password attributes are bound with the login page on the client-side. Now HashMap acts as a backing bean because it binding its attributes with the client-side login page.
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